The route was mostly along the old Mojave road trail. We had four vehicles in the group: FJCruiser (Brad & Kash'a), VX (Alex & Oxana), Montero (Serg & Alex), Axiom (Oleg & Mike).
We got together on Friday night at Afton Canyon campground. The camp is located close to the old one-line Union Pacific railroad tracks. The railroad is pretty much alive - the trains are passing regularly.
The camp:

Apache ? Mike and Serg are hiding behind the Montero.

Mojave river was unusually dry this year.
Oxana crossing the river:

This is "the caves" site:

"Mojave road guide" states that the road to the site is blocked by BLM. This is not true right now; there are no signs and no blocks, and the side road is very well used.
Serg is spotting for Alex & Oxana:

After the caves, we passed an old gold mine on the mountain slope.
The group:

Stop in the valley before Shaw pass:


Then there was the Soda Lake.
The travelers monument and the group:

Soda Lake crossing:

The other side:


The group:

The desert:

Playful mood:

Ghost of the past:

The Mojave road mailbox:


Big fella:

Mid Hills campground after the 2005 fire:

Desert melon:

Caruthers canyon:

The group in the canyon:

Miners group:

Mine shaft:

New York mountains: