I reserved the campsite in the park over the Internet (cool feature). The night cost $20.00, kinda pricey, but the camp is really advanced and the sites are very large.

We (me, my wife, my stepdaughter Tatiana and the doggy Sunny) started from the Bay Area in the morning Nov 18th. We drove to the South California to get some good weather. In the night, we began crossing the mountains over the Anza Borrego... the temp gauge was showing 40F... I was thinking how we are going to be shaking in the tent. But with each hundred feet altitude drop the temp was raising. When it reached 60F, I felt really happy.

We came to the camp in the night, there were no lights and the camp roads are tricky. We got lost but I suddenly saw a site with my name on it. Cool ! We unpacked and set the camp.

The night by the fire, with sausages and drinks was great. Multiple creatures appeared and wanted to take part in the supper. I remember one dude with small body, big head and even bigger eyes somehow got in the packet with potato chips, got trapped, really scared and almost got eaten... But we let him go. Sunny was doing great job defending our food.

We are in the camp next morning:

In the morning, we left most stuff in the camp and we went to the South Coyote Canyon. This trail is not very remote, not very difficult, but it is really scenic and adventurous. It provides a good example of the Sonora-type desert. This is something where you would want to take a novice people to 'wheel.

The trail start:

The desert garden:

The first river crossing was dry this time. This is the second crossing:

The trail:

Before the third crossing:

We are in the water:

Tatiana coordinates the crossing process:

The water flow:

After the crossing, we had several hundred feet of more a moderately difficult trail.

We got to the end of the trail. We got hot and tired by the time, and we decided that we do not want to hike. We had some food and we began heading back to the camp.

Tatiana still had some energy left to climb the rocks.

Crossing back the river.

A fallen agave:

Oasis with palms:


This is the historical sign. It marks the camp site of the de Anza expeditions in 1774 and 1775.

On the way back, we came to the ice shop in the Borrego Springs and enjoyed the frozen sweeties. This is a luxury in the desert.

Sunny enjoying the camp:

Tatiana in the camp:

Next morning, we went to the east, toward the Salton Sea.

We passed the off-road area:

The girls:

Pelicans over the Salton Sea:

Salton Sea marina:



The coast is covered with the dead fish and the shells:

That was a cool opportunity to camp in the second half of November.

The bigger versions of the pictures are here:

Bigger pictures